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Winfield Mangalitsa Pork Box (7.5-8 lbs)


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Product Description

Featuring Winfield Farm Mangalitsa (The Wagyu Of Pork!). Includes: Tri Tip (1.5-2 lbs), Slab Bacon (1 lb), Sliced Bacon (1 lb), Chops (2 lbs), Ground (2 lbs), Leaf Lard (8 oz). Ships every Tuesday (place your order by midnight on Monday), all prices include shipping. Winfield Farm operates entirely on solar and human power. Bruce Steele single-handedly raises his entire Mangalitsa herd. From birth to harvest, Winfield Mangalitsas are given the utmost respect, individualized care, and the attention they deserve. Raised entirely on pasture, Winfield Farm Mangalitsas are never given antibiotics or GMO Feed. These pigs are fed barley and organically grown pumpkins and squash. All pigs going to market are finished on acorns, walnuts, and almonds when available – a diet almost identical to the famed Spanish “Pata Negra” pigs know for their famous “Jamon Iberico de Bellota,” which most chefs would agree is some of the finest cured pork in the world.

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