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Beef Liver Capsules - Nature's Most Potent Superfood!


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Product Description

Beef liver truly is nature’s most potent superfood, performing a number of vital metabolic functions in the body. It supports energy levels, brain health, vision, digestive system health, liver function, and heart health. It also provides essential nutrients for healthy skin, hair, & nails. Grass-fed beef liver is nature’s most concentrated source of Vitamin A. It is rich in: Vitamin B12 // Folate // Copper // Hyaluronic Acid // Choline // Amino Acids. Why Liver? Liver is one of the most nutrient-packed foods per ounce and we at the Larder Meat Co. simply couldn’t ignore this. That’s why we have taken this superfood and put it into capsule form. Easy to consume. Tasteless. And loaded with health benefits! Third-Party Tested: We believe nature provides the highest quality and most bio-available nutrition. Our beef liver comes from 100% New Zealand grass fed beef and is vetted with the highest standards to ensure that you’re getting only the best liver supplements. Our beef liver pills are a pure whole food supplement with no additives, flow agents or fillers.

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